If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop working for it.


All you need is just a day or random days in a month.Now pay by your requirement on per day pricing.


Your work schedule is as such that you work throughout the month.This package suits you much nicer and turns out less pricey.


Your requirement is an official postal address,client meeting place or  a virtual reception,but less of a fixed desk,then this package comes in handy.


If you are not sure of your schedule and may need us only for a week or 15 days in a month,then this package helps us create a custom package for your benefit.

Why Go Co-working ?

A “Co-working Space” is a place where you can go on a daily basis, sit down at a random table or a fixed one, and enjoy a good internet connection, coffee and the company of like-minded people.

Also it provides you the total office infrastructure and facilities inbuilt to spare you from initial cost overhead and effort, giving you the complete freedom to fully focus on your work.

Business Class Internet

Love the speed

Work N Space is equipped with the fastest,most consistent and unparalleled Internet experience,through the immensely scallable and future proof technology of fibre optics.

  Unlimited Power Back-up

Zero Downtime

Work N Space offers you an uninterrupted work flow by ensuring you with sufficient power backup.

Also the place comes totally Air-conditioned to provide you with comfort.

The Way You Like

Choose from a variety of our seating options like View Desks,Share Desks,Executive Desks,Semi Cabins to Full Private Cabins.

Choose the one that best suits your privacy and comfort.
 Front Desk

To Serve You!

We offer you with a front desk for your day to day space related queries,to help you with the printings,conference room bookings and admin related issues.

Front Desk greets your clients/visitors and make them seated comfortably.



            Private Cabins

This is a fully private cabin,lockable and comes with desks,chairs,filing cabinets and positive interiors.

Best for : Teams of various sizes Variants : 3 – 10 Seater Price : Inr 15000 – Inr 45000

              Executive Desks

This are open seatings with comfortable desks and chairs.Also comes in variants in terms of comfort,inbuilt desk marker boards and lockers and other facilities.

Best for : Teams and Individual            Price : Inr 6000 – Inr 7000  

      Share-Desks / View Desks

This are open sittings with comfortable desks and chairs.This  comes with a lot of space around and even comes with a view.

Best for : Teams and Individuals.         Price : Inr 4000 – Inr 5000


                                  Day Pass

Need it for a day or random days in a month.We got it figured.Plug N Play with  all amenities inclusive.

                       Price : Rs.300 Per Day

                                      Virtual Office

Need an official address for your postal needs , visiting cards,letterheads or client meetings or a virtual reception to take calls on your company behalf.

                             Price : Starting @ Rs.2000

                              Social Marketing

We can handle the social media marketing for your startup/company while you concentrate on your product.

                       Price : Starting  @ Rs.2000

What Our Clients Say !

Some of the testimonials from our clients in various social media platforms

A month ago I was working from home but the power went off ..wanted good speed wifi as I had to complete a task … found this and within mins I was working from here .. nice quiet place .. no disturbance 👍

Kishore M

Calm place to work. co-working atmosphere at its best. Affordable rates for a decent plug and play set up. Uninterrupted and core accessibility.

Hemanth Kumar

Lovely ambience. And we always get to meet new people working on interesting projects everyday. If I had to rate this place for just one thing, it has to be the networking opportunities here.

Ana Bella

Good environment to work and people here have diverse thought process. There’s energy in this building

Bobby Philip

Excellent place to roll up your sleeves and put in your best at work, quiet and most suitable

Tridip Bose
Sattelite Employee

A good co working space run by people who are friendly, flexible and service oriented.

Praveen Raj

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